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Ideas for Enhancing the Exposure of Your Business

Exposure is important for businesses because it will help them to grow. Some ways that entrepreneurs can increase their exposure include using social media, enhancing their websites with SEO and A/B Testing, going for influencer marketing, or building relationships with other businesses in their specific industries. When entrepreneurs invest in enhancing their businesses’ exposure, they will be able to unlock growth and success milestones more easily. After all, your business cannot grow if people do not know about it. Therefore,

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Maintaining Media Relations in the Digital Age

In the past, media relations is all about inviting journalists for coffee even without a big event to attend and reaching out to them for a face-to-face meeting when there are scandals and issues that the company or individual the public relations agent represents is facing. Those old days are gone now. Today, some PR experts actually work with journalists they haven’t seen personally. They become “friends” and “acquaintances” through social media. The ability of everyone to interact via teleconference

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Three Common Drains in Company Resources Costing You More Money

Let’s face it. Every employee is guilty of wasting workplace resources, whether intentional or unintentional. Many people assume workplace resources are limited to only supply and products, but they’re so much more than that. Company resources come in different types, including time management, staffing, and financial aspects. Companies provide employees with all the necessary items to make their jobs easy and productive. For instance, employees working in the field have company cars to ensure safe and smooth business trips. But

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