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3 Things You Need to Know about Product Marketing

If you’ve ever launched a new product or service into the market, then you know how difficult it is to build a substantial following. You have to compete with dozens if not hundreds of different brands out there, and even if you have the best new product people have seen in a long time, if you mess up the marketing, you could still end up with a dud.

Product marketing starts once the box packaging rolls off the folder gluer machine. Proper packaging can create a great first impression, but you still need to get the product in people’s hands. There are many ways to get the word out, so figuring out the right marketing strategy for the product can seem like a daunting task.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind when promoting a new product.

1. Know your target consumer

So you have a product ready for release. The first thing you should do is identify your target consumer so you can craft a marketing strategy around then. Before launching a new product, make it a point to do market research. This will not only allow you to identify potential consumers, but also your competitors, how they market their products, the level of saturation, and gaps in the marketplace.

Once you’ve identified your target consumer, you can then start planning the marketing strategy. The goal is to get them to notice you, so focus on how they behave. What kind of media do they consume? What’s the best way to target them? How often do they go on social media? These are just some of the questions you need to answer.

2. Focus on a niche

I’m sure many of us have dreamt of owning a brand that does everything like Sony and Procter & Gamble. Perhaps you’ll get there one day, but you still need to focus on landing your first sale today. For starters, create a new brand for a specific niche. It could be centered around food and beverages, cosmetics, or consumer electronics.

Niche marketing allows you to build a foundation for future growth. You want your brand to be a significant player in your field, which will enable you to identify prospective clients better. For instance, you could start as a restaurant. As your brand starts to grow, you can expand into related categories like snacks or coffee products.

3. Build an emotional connection

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Marketing relies less on logic and more on emotion. If you want to sell your products, you need to build an emotional connection with your consumers. For instance, to create urgency and scarcity around the brand, you can go for tried-and-tested methods include flash sales, limited edition campaigns, and countdown timers. This will increase sales off the bat.

Another way to elicit a response from potential customers is through product copy. Let’s say you want to market a product that solves a problem. Start by mentioning the problem and explain how your product is the best way to solve that problem. You can even create a narrative to help sell the point.

These pointers will help you market your product more effectively. If you want to get the word out, you need to nail down the fundamentals, such as identifying your consumers, establishing a value proposition, and building a connection with your target demo.

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