About us

DNA is one the foundations of our identity. It determines our sex, skin color, bodily and mental health, and so much more. We’ve inherited it from ancestors so old we probably don’t know their names anymore, and we’re passing on our genetics to our children and their future offspring.

Learning and understanding it, however, is a lot more technical than that. So we’ve gathered together to form My Ancestral File, the website where you can read interesting but educational articles about ancestry, genealogy, and genetics. Learn about the science and technology available to pull apart and examine our DNA. Understand how DNA affects our lives even in non-scientific ways that may be affecting you and how you live right now.

We want people to understand who they are, and part of knowing that is understanding what makes up their DNA and why it matters.

Whitney Clare

Whitney has been a high school science teacher since 2004. She enjoyed learning from her teachers at a young age and decided that she her calling was to train young minds.

Earning her degree in Biology and teaching license in 2003, she taught general science to seventh graders for two years before being assigned to eleventh grade biology students. By day, she’s a teacher; at night and on weekends she’s either a grad student studying Biology or a tennis player on the court.

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