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6 Things to Consider When Hiring a Drone Pilot for Your Wedding Day

Are you considering getting a drone for your upcoming wedding? With the beautiful shots they produce and the impossible vantage points they can get to, drones have become a mainstay in some of the most magnificent weddings.

However, it’s not as simple as hiring a typical videographer. Drone specialists from across the UK will most likely tell you the job requires a lot more than pointing and shooting, hence the premium price. Here’s what you should take note of to make every cent of your wedding budget count.

They should be experts twice.

You’re not just hiring a drone specialist but an expert videographer as well.

Make sure to interview drone operators as much as you can. Relay to them the kind of shots you want to achieve, and always ask for a portfolio. Skip this, and you might get shots that are too distant that you barely recognise people.

It shouldn’t be an alternative.

Since drones take great shots from a distance, these services should augment and not replace the standard videographer and photographer on the ground. While this might translate to extra costs, this only ensures that you get the absolute best shots from every angle.

Take note that drones also have limited flight time, so it works best only as an accompaniment.

Your wedding venue matters.

Are you having a church wedding or an outdoor wedding? Your contracted drone specialist will have to know this. Drones may not function at its best in indoor venues due to the cramped space. High ceilings might work to its advantage, but its wonders shine through in natural spots.

Plus, you wouldn’t want the drone humming loudly inside the chapel or endangering guests.

You may need a permit for it.

Contact a specialist early, because you might be required to hold a permit for operating a drone in public places. Since it’s technically an unmanned aerial vehicle, it should be operated by a licensed pilot and with a special use permit.

You may also need to get separate clearance from the venue to fly the device inside their premises.

You may also need insurance.

You may also need to take out insurance for the drone you’ll be using. Since you’re operating a small aircraft, regardless of the pilot’s expertise, your guests’ safety is still at stake should the pilot commit an error. Without insurance, any damage to property or harm to people would be your liability.

It also helps to inform everyone about the presence of the drone, so they don’t interfere with its flight.

Strive to make the most of it.

3d image of futuristic delivery drone

Despite all these considerations, don’t forget to take full advantage of what is essentially a flying photographer. There are thousands of gimmicks you can achieve with a drone – a human tableau from up in the air or a small fireworks display – which will only make your once-in-a-lifetime moment that much memorable.

It requires diligence, but hiring a drone specialist is one of the best decisions for your wedding. You only get one chance, so might as well make it count!

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