Common Signs of Liquid Damage to Tablets

tablet checked for water damage

Water damage to mobile phones and computers is one of the leading issues nowadays. So common is it that there are numerous articles online on what you should do if your device is slobbered by your dog, rained on, or falls into water. The typical tricks advocated by online DIYers are putting the device in rice and letting this rice absorb the moisture or dismantling it then leaving it to dry.

This might have sufficed for a few people you know and for some of your devices. However, a professional tablet repair shop in Salt Lake City is your best bet to an optimally working tablet that has been exposed to a liquid of any kind. This is because a tablet contains more than 900 contact points, and the presence of moisture on any of these points spells doom for your device. The following are some of the signs of a water-damaged tablet.

Startup and Power Issues

More often than not, tablets exposed to liquids will not switch on at all or take time to restart. The delay in restarting the device is called a boot loop. Both startup and power issues in a water-damaged tablet are commonly evidenced by a white screen when you attempt to turn it on. In fact, this white screen has been nicknamed the “white screen of death.”

Hardware Failure

The most common hardware components of a tablet affected by water damage are the microphone and speaker. Depending on how the water entered your tablet, everything else might be in good working condition. Should you leave your tablet on when it has suffered some form of hardware failure, it will generally overheat and eventually shut down without warning.

Warning Messages

damaged phone being repaired

One or several error messages when connecting your device to various cables or syncing it to your computer might also point to water damage of an internal component. The standard warning message is “accessory not supported by this tablet.” If you get these warning messages, quit trying to reconnect the device and immediately seek an expert solution.

Application Issues

If your tablet’s applications are closing and opening spontaneously, this might indicate water damage. In most cases, application issues do not occur in isolation. Most tablets will also freeze or pause when the application is closing or opening.

Most people will assume that the signs of water damage to tablets mentioned above only follow immersion in a large amount of water. However, even a drop of water might set the stage for these issues. Unfortunately, these signs are not readily evident and might be visible over an extended time after your tablet has been exposed to liquid spills or dropped into water. By this time, unfortunately, various internal parts of your device have begun corroding, and replacing them is the only solution. This is not only expensive, but you cannot also guarantee that the spare parts used on your device are OEM-certified. You cannot wholly avert water damage to your tablet. To enhance its durability and protect the information stored in it, get an expert to repair it when it is exposed to liquids.

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