Effective Business Marketing With NFC Technology

Near Field Communication SystemIt was in Dubai that near field communication (NFC) technology first emerged, and other countries soon embraced it because of its potential for different industries. In Japan alone, roughly 70 million NFC-enabled devices are being used in restaurants, newsstands, convenience stores and other establishments.

The use of NFC applications continues to be explored and encouraged in more and more countries because of its convenience. Its effective use in the marketing industry, likewise, opened plenty of opportunities for vendors or providers of NFC products.

This wireless technology allows two-way communication for nearby devices. It is useful when paying for services, goods, tickets, as well as for information sharing between connected devices. This connection uses radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. The ease of access and its convenience makes it an enticing tool for many businesses and private users as well.

NFC and Businesses

Businesses encourage interaction with their potential clients through the use of NFC technology via their mobile phones. Smart posters with NFC technology can be used to entertain, inform and educate consumers. Younger consumers also like using NFC-embedded posters for social interaction and in finding directions.

NFC is commonly used in advertising and promotional items. You may discover NFC tags in not only smart posters but also wearable products and jewellery, NFC cards, custom labels and sample packs. Many of today’s smartphones already have built-in NFC technology. Or, users can easily buy tags online.

Near Field Communication for Business

A quick way to entice consumers to try out new products or services is through the use of vouchers and discounts. NFC smart posters have tags embedded in them, which consumers can use to learn more about current promotions. These tags can also direct consumers with a web link, command or text.

Ease of Sale Through NFC Transactions

Internet shopping has changed the game for many retail and business owners. It is convenient and exciting to complete transactions with ease. NFC-enabled devices can allow consumers to tap and purchase certain products with just a “buy now” link from the smart posters.

This is currently applied in department stores, bookstores, cinemas and convenience stores. Consumers now make payments with just a barcode, reference number, and make other cashless transactions with this technology. With this wide reach of NFC applications, it is possible that smart NFC tags can soon be just as common as barcodes.

Social Media Integration

The contemporary business environment has social media to thank for its growth and success. Businesses struggle and pay an enormous amount of money to maintain and enhance social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles. NFC actually allows businesses a cheaper option for social media integration. Consumers appreciate convenience and NFC tags let them ‘like’ and ‘share’ different products with just a quick tap.

Considering its potential to open avenues for advertising and marketing, more and more business industries around the world are beginning to explore NFC technology as a cheaper alternative and more convenient means to connect and interact with both their existing and potential base of customers.

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