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Here’s How to Create a Sustainable Workplace Environment

Global warming is for real! It has led to a general increase in daily land temperature. As per the Global Climate Report for October 2020, the monthly temperature was above the 20th-century average. And the disastrous effects of global warming need no introduction. If we want to keep our planet safe and habitable for future generations, we need to act now.

Combating climate change is a difficult task but every small effort matters, even something as simple as replacing plastic bags with eco-friendly tote bags for shopping or other daily use.

Like our personal lives, we can make small changes in our professional lives as well that can help in protecting the environment. In this blog, we have discussed ways to create a sustainable workplace environment and strengthen our fight even further.

Reducing Electricity Consumption

We are all aware of the amount of energy consumed to power our workplaces. This not only results in increased electricity bills but also impacts the environment. Energy consumption can be reduced in a few easy steps.

  • Ensure that lights and fans are turned off immediately when not needed
  • Use natural ventilation and light as much as possible
  • Improve awareness among employees
  • Replace old electrical equipment with energy-saving ones such as LED bulbs
  • Installing automatic motion-sensing lights
  • Regular cleaning up of machines

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Using solar power for energy needs

Solar energy is one of the cleanest forms of energy. It is a clean, green, renewable, and inexhaustible energy source that can help reduce the overall environmental impact due to the workplace electricity needs. Solar energy is slowly becoming popular as an alternative energy source and can become a major source of electricity. Many governments across the world are also providing subsidies for solar panel installation at homes and workplaces.

Having a Green Workspace

Having plants at the workspace can add to the aesthetic value and also improve the office environment. Plants help circulate fresh air and also help reduce the carbon footprint for the business. Additionally, plants can also help increase the employees’ productivity, boost their morale, and enhance their mood. Choose plants that are best suited according to the workspace environment, employee taste, and other factors.

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Reducing physical documentation

In the age of everything digital, most businesses are still using physical papers. By going paperless, you not only can save office space and expenditure but also help save the environment. Millions of trees are cut every year to make paper that often ends up as waste after use. By going digital, you can help protect trees and reduce carbon emissions. Having digital copies also ensures that you can store your documents more securely. Physical copies usually wear and tear over time, but there is no such issue encountered with digital ones.

Environment-friendly commuting

Business owners can ask their employees to use environment-friendly methods of commute. If possible, individuals should walk to the office. Similarly, they should prefer public transportation methods instead of using a private vehicle for the daily commute. Owners, too, can provide the option of remote working to the employees to further save on time, expenses, and environmental impacts of commuting.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a blessing in disguise as most offices were shut during the pandemic, and remote working took center stage. This helped reduce the carbon footprint as commutes were restricted. Thus, we can continue this remote working trend, if possible, to continue our efforts against global warming.

Although these steps might seem small in our fight against climate change, they surely make an impact. And with combined efforts, we can surely make a huge difference. We still have time to contain global warming. So we need to act now before it’s too late.

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