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It’s Really Not That Hard: Starting an Online Dating Convo

After carefully selecting the most perfect photos for your online dating profile on that matchmaking app and writing the best self-description you can make on your “About Me” section, you know what immediately comes after: you need to make connections. You see a few messages on your inbox (a good confidence boost), so you know things are going well. The thing is, you need to respond, of course! This is where things can get a bit intimidating, but it doesn’t always have to be a huge hurdle to overcome.

Starting a conversation online can be challenging, but there are ways to overcome those nerves. Once you’ve written that first message, it gets so much easier. Here are some important points to keep in mind before you click that send button. Even in online dating, practice still makes perfect.

Get some intel

So, you see someone that caught your attention and scour through their photos. This is how you can gauge their personality. After all, just like you, that other person also chose their photos that they think best captures who they are as people. If they use a more professional-looking headshot for their profile photo, it’s a clear indication that they’re the more serious type. If it’s of them doing outdoorsy stuff like mountain climbing, you could appeal to their adventurous side. That’s a pretty obvious way of handling things.

Look into their profile, find out what they’re passionate about, and see if you have things in common that you can talk about. If there’s at least one, that’s a good point to start a conversation with. Ask questions. Mutual interest means it’s going to be easier to keep your conversations flowing. You’ll definitely enjoy it, too.

Don’t just send a generic message, tailor your first message to the person

You’re unique, and so is everyone else. Many studies have revealed that people almost always look at themselves as unique. By that logic, the most effective online dating messages are those that focus on the details the other person has revealed on their profile. It could be their past trips or future travel plans or even something simple as a favorite book or movie. Ask the person about something interesting you found on their profile or make an inside joke between the two of you based on that info.

Keep the conversation funny and upbeat

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Once you’ve sent that first message, the next challenging is to keep the conversation fun and flowing. It has to be breezy and enjoyable for both parties. Write things that you know would put a smile on the other person’s face.

Keep it light and the topics easily relatable. Remember, you may be looking for a romantic partner, but this isn’t a job interview, so it’s important to keep things casual. Of course, you can ask questions but make sure to share a bit about yourself as well. That will help build trust and better connections.

If you’re a woman, a simple “Hi” will usually elicit a response. The thing is, you wouldn’t want to come off as boring with such a response. Make your online dating journey a lot more fun-filled by incorporating these simple ideas.

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