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Looking Forward: Industry to Hop on to in 2021

The pandemic has brought about into the spotlight many underrated industries. Traditional ones like food and beverage are, although still very much alive, are left stagnant. New emerging trends brought about circumstances like the lockdown and social distancing has given new business categories a platform to stand on. With the emerging new strains coming out of nowhere, the new trends and business structures will likely continue.

While most of the industries are still reeling from the effects of the pandemic of the century, hopefuls are already looking into the best ventures one can get into in 2021. There is no shame in looking for different industries to engage in given that the pandemic has shifted markets effectively off their own axes. With the help of expert advice such as the Miick Method, these hot industries are easily identified.


Logistics is one of the oldest established industries, yet they are the busiest industry over the pandemic. With a lot of businesses not accepting customers or clients except through online orders. Opening or investing in a business related to logistics and deliveries can be a gold mine in a world and era where most products must only be delivered.

Mobile Commerce

Like the logistics industries, mobile commerce is one industry that took off during the pandemic. Aside from being one of the most accessible businesses for even those with little capital, it is extremely easy to set up. Mobile commerce can span from selling your family’s secret recipe cookie to a wide online shopping center.

Medical Supplies

With the pandemic still raging on, industries involving medical supplies are one of the unhampered businesses that continued. This is unsurprising as most medical supplies are used by everyone. From masks to other personal protective equipment, the industry thrived amidst the pandemic where everyone needs their product. The demand for medical supplies spiked and is predicted to maintain the spike for the next coming years.


The pharmaceutical companies are making a killing during the pandemic. With the race towards the new vaccine heating up, the industry isn’t slowing down in resolving the problem. Also, the demand for medicines, maintenance, or not, is not going down anytime soon. People are going to need medicine and other maintenance drugs pandemic or not. Biotech company values have almost tripled in NASDAQ since the late 2000s. It is predicted that the pharmaceutical industry will only get stronger in 2021.


Information Technology

In an era where virtual offices and the work-from-home setup is the norm, a career related to the information technology industry might be a good place to shift to. The United States is the largest technology market. The industry will only grow from here on out. There is an average of 20 to 25% average yearly growth for the IT industry, and it’s not showing signs of slowing down. The IT industry is extremely adaptable and prone to change. Its importance is highlighted over the pandemic where people became extremely reliant on technology to work and connect.

Virtual Management and Consultation

Alongside the information technology industry, virtual management, and consultation services also made their presence important during the pandemic. Even big companies scrambled to shift their office work to a home-based virtual office system. As people realized that work can also be done from home, large firms and companies pushed towards virtual management and output based work. The shift necessitated expert advice from consultants and managers familiar with the setup. As more and more offices and industries shift with the trend, the need for such experts for crisis management and virtual consulting will only grow.

A lot of previously low-key industries rose to answer the call of the pandemic. With the pandemic seemingly pushing on the pressure points of the economy, the new trends and new business structures will likely continue moving forward.

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