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Marketing Marvels: Writing a Key Message Your Audience Can Relate To

What makes an advertising campaign stand out? Is it the witty and out-of-the-box creative handle? Is it the celebrity endorser? Or is it the fact that your ad has made the audience shed a tear? All of these are valid questions. And they are on the surface of your marketing campaign. What truly has made your marketing campaign such as a standout, is the key message.

A clear and relatable advertising message is the difference between a campaign that everyone is talking about and an unreasonable waste of money and resources. Regardless of how funny or witty your ads are, they will still fail when the audience does not understand the message that is intended to be delivered.

Before you come up with big ideas and great storylines, you need to start drafting the campaign’s key message. This is often taken for granted, as many marketers think that the message is just about selling. Yes, it is. But keep in mind that any campaign’s key message should also be about building affinity and trust, as that is the only way to keep paying customers. If you are looking for some ways to make drafting key messages a whole lot simpler, you are reading the right guide.

Mine real customer insights

A marketing key message becomes strong and relevant when it is rooted in real consumer insights. You do not want to give empty promises, so make sure that the way you advertise your products and services is based on how they can help improve your customers’ lives. Getting customer insights should not be difficult in this day and age. Techniques such as social listening and tracking conversations through hashtags can help you get real insights. You may even go for old-fashioned ways, such as surveys, interviews, and focus group discussions.

Keep the message simple

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What do you want to say in your marketing message? Surely, you have a lot. But learn how to prioritize. Otherwise, you will be cramming facts and information in one single message, which will make your ads convoluted and your customers overwhelmed. Your message should remain simple and easy to understand. Do not use jargon; instead, use words that your customers are actually using.

Consider the platform and media

When drafting a key message, always consider the type of platform or media to advertise your ads. That way, your message will be much stronger and more relevant. This is where you can see the advice of a reliable digital marketing company. They can help you develop a media plan that maximizes your advertising campaign’s exposure and reach.

With all that said, you should remember that any advertising and marketing campaign’s success greatly depends on the key message it wants to get across. When drafting one, make sure that yours is relatable and rooted in real insight. You might want to work with a reliable team, such as a researcher, a strategic planner, and even a creative director. If you need more suggestions, consult other online sources.

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