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T-shirt Advertising in COVID-19: Walking Brand Advertising

Don’t underestimate the power of a T-shirt. It may be, but everyday wear you throw around just about anywhere. But therein lies its power. It can go wherever the wearer goes.

As a marketing tool, T-shirt advertising is making heads turn during the pandemic. When an army of businesses are calling it quits, many for good, the simplicity of a T-shirt to further a brand has risen to the occasion. Not being able to capitalize on T-shirt ads could be counterproductive on your part. That’s true, especially when you don’t have to lose an arm and a leg to make the most of it.

Of course, people want to express their feelings about the pandemic, not to mention catering to many movements for equality. A Feminist AF T-shirt donned by Emily Ratajkowski is a concrete example. When you buy such a shirt, you help others as all profit from T-shirt sales go to Planned Parenthood. Then, there’s the case for brands on a T-shirt. Imagine having Kendall Jenner wearing your brand. That’s just telling you how much you can catch attention with the right shirt at the right time. Below are some of the essentials to get your brand noticed using something as plain as a t-shirt.

Turning Heads During the Pandemic

For starters, you’d have to spend a fortune using traditional marketing strategies. When you talk about TV, billboards, radio, and newspaper, you’d have to ready a substantial amount of your resources to get it going. But not with brand promotion using a T-shirt.

Right off the bat, T-shirts are relatively cheap and can even go cheaper on bulk orders. Even better, T-shirts can last a long time. So you need not worry about ROI (return of investment).

Today, screen printing is the most common technique. However, if you want really captivating colors on display and stunning designs, you’d have to go for heat press. It’s more environmentally-friendly. Best of all, the technology is cutting edge. Award-winning suppliers such as Insta Graphic Systems (instagraph.com) provide globally state-of-the-art heat press machines that can give you jaw-dropping designs in a jiffy.

And everyone with a bright idea wants to cash in on it.

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When COVID-19 held the world hostage, a slew of average Joes, celebrities including, have filed for trademark applications to protect their unique phrases. The U.S. Patent Office reveals more than 100 applications filed for ubiquitous variations of the words COVID-19, coronavirus, and even shelter-in-place.

Armed with a bright idea and the filing fee of $275, these individuals applied for a 10-year trademark so no one else can use their phrase. Some of these phrases are out by now. One is “I survived COVID-19,” and some are plain xenophobic as “Coronavirus. Made in China.”

Ways to Make the Most of T-shirt Brand Promotion

The trend of home deliveries and digitization has become favorable in using T-shirts to promote your brand. Truly, the demand for customized shirts has skyrocketed during these times.

It doesn’t matter if your enterprise is focused on services or goods. You can hop on the bandwagon and put your logo on a T-shirt.

The demand is so high that the T-shirt printing business grows by leaps and bounds during the pandemic. As an entrepreneur, it’s a good opportunity you might want to check out. You can start here.

Even big business is interested in promoting their brands. The digital conglomerate Vice Media applied the trademark “shelter-in-place.” Regent University, a Virginia-based Christian school, filed for the phrase “Social Distancing Scholarship.”

The opportunities are endless.

Customized shirts are a cinch to create. By creating a group of die-hard fans (including your employees), you create brand ambassadors and increase brand awareness. Wherever these people go, your brand goes.

You can also utilize personalized T-shirts. Allow your customers to submit their designs online. You can use this as a way to thank your loyal customers. They will always love it as they design it themselves. Still, you shouldn’t forget to factor in your brand logo on these shirts.

It sets you apart from the competition. Branded T-shirts can be a good conversation starter. Worn in an event, it can effectively drive your audience to reach better than a majestic billboard. The walking advertisement can talk and engage a prospect, turning him into a customer in the process.

T-shirt advertising can even get you to develop a better talent acquisition strategy. As many companies realize, hiring talent is one of the biggest challenges in business.

But when you use your branded T-shirt, it can give you a better way to lure talent in. You have to start with your employees. By letting them wear these items, they market your brand to their friends who could be your next future employee. It’s as simple as ABC.

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