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The Future of Tech in Augmented Reality

As a civilization, we have gone past creating machines that can improve our everyday lives. Nowadays, it seems as if a revolutionary person can come up with digital innovation that can change the world as we know it. At least, that’s how it felt to many people when technology like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) were first introduced to the public.

Augmented reality is a kind of modern tech that works to implement digital elements to a live view of real life. This is commonly done by camera or smartphone. AR completely differs from VR, which seeks to introduce a unique immersion experience by shutting out the real world while utilizing elements from it.


Still, both have received traction from the gaming industry due to how distinctive they are compared to previous immersive experiences.

Thanks to the work of geofencing companies and game developers, gaming has been brought, quite literally, to real life through the use of augmented reality. Games like Pokemon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite allow the average player to go about their daily routine outside while progressing in the game. Some have even gone ahead and noted how AR games can help in improving physical health due to its use of location to achieve certain elements within the game.

Given this, it’s understandable why so many people perceive augmented reality to be the kind of tech that has limitless potential. And it does. As revolutionary as AR had been to gaming when it was first released, this isn’t the only industry that has tapped into its potential since then.

Beauty and Fashion


Two of these industries work tangentially to each other. The beauty, as well as the fashion industry, have taken advantage of AR’s function to bring to their customers better shopping experience.

The customers of some well-known cosmetics brand can now try on various makeup items like eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick right onto their digitized face. Some fashion brands, from clothing to accessories, are doing the same thing. Customers now don’t have to go through the trouble of actually trying out some items to see if it suits them.

In relation to this, furniture shopping has never been this easy. A hassle-free experience is within reach nowadays. Customers don’t have to worry about measuring dimensions or returning items that don’t fit into their rooms. Big brands now offer their customers the option to use AR to try out items from their catalogues, ensuring that an informed choice can be made upon purchase.

Medical Tech

Aside from beauty, fashion, and furniture retail, the medical field has also greatly benefitted from augmented reality.

A great example would be in how it is used during training. Students preparing to become surgeons can train in a controlled environment that closely resembles the real process. But it does not stop there. In actual procedures, risks are reduced due to the sensory enhancement AR provides surgeons.

Considering all of this, and how beneficial augmented reality has become to many industries, it shouldn’t be surprising that more programs are supporting this piece of technology. AR has quickly become a critical component of the technological economy.

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