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What is a GPS Simulator and Why Do You Need It?

You’re either traveling, going to work, finding a new restaurant, or visiting relatives. Whatever you’re doing, it’s likely that you’re benefiting from the substantial technological innovation of GPS simulation. We all use some form of a navigation app. Whether it’s Google Maps, Apple Maps, or Waze, it gets us from one place to another. And this incredible technology would not be possible without the combination of GPS (Global Positioning Systems) technology and GPS Simulation. To understand how both of these work, let’s first identify what they are:

What is GPS?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. And it is exactly as it sounds, it is a system that uses radio signals that connect to satellites so you can track your position on Earth. It is the same system that most people depend on when using navigation apps all over the world.

What is GPS Simulation?

When a GPS device is developed, there’s only one safe and affordable way to test this without the need to actually go out and travel the entire country or world to guarantee that it is effective — by using a GPS simulation. This incredible piece of technology mimics the same signals used by GPS satellites to locate your position on the ground. It is capable of acting like a real GPS, so you know how effective it is and will be at its job. It will be like using your device in the real world, without having to go out to test it.

Why use a GPS simulation to test your navigation device?

GPS showing a specific location

With such widespread use of satellite navigation apps, many people unknowingly rely on the technology of GPS simulation. There’s a lot of reasons it is vital for the safety of these users:

  • You can confirm that your navigation app works perfectly – You can simulate going somewhere in the world to confirm that your satellite navigation app works effectively, regardless of where it is, how poor the GPS signal is, and how often you change direction or routes.
  • You can confirm that your navigation app is safe – There’s nothing worse than a navigation app that instructs you to follow roads that are unsafe. You need to make sure that your app works in a way that keeps your users as safe as possible.
  • Confirm and test routes – A good navigation app does two things: it instructs you on how to get to one location and it effectively changes routes when you choose to take a different road or direction. A GPS simulator will be able to help you test and confirm that your device is capable of doing this without any problems.

The future of satellite navigation is looking bright and significant. It is the technology that millions of people rely on, on a daily basis. GPS simulation has provided an opportunity for satellite and navigation technology to evolve, so much that there are literally no limits to where you can go and still be able to use your satellite navigation device.

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