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Why You Should Consider Changing Jobs During the Pandemic

Nobody predicted the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the workforce around the world. In the U.S. alone, more than 47 million people have filed for unemployment since March and college graduates are finding it very hard to find work, especially full-time jobs. Even internships are hard to land nowadays.

The thing is, even those who are employed are now seriously rethinking their careers and considering bowing down from their current jobs. According to a Boston study, 18% of workers who are categorized as “deskless,” such as the ones in healthcare or retail, are planning to look for new opportunities and better benefits.

Here are some reasons you should think about changing jobs during this time:

  • You Are Reflecting About Your Purpose

Times of transition that usually happens during a crisis can make one question his purpose. The crisis is tough for sure, but it also triggers hard thinking about one’s future. If you’ve been going through the motions work-wise, maybe this period will make you pause and think whether your work is actually fulfilling you and aligned with your overall goals in life. If you’re one of those who are forced to find another job or consider an alternative career, this may be just the push you need to get things going.

  • You Can Build Transferable Skills By Taking Online Classes

Maybe you were just looking for something to pass the time or do something productive during quarantine when you signed up for those online classes. But what if these classes actually make you realize that there’s more you can do career-wise? Maybe you discovered that you actually love graphic design or copywriting and you can see yourself doing this not just in your spare time.

Skills that can be done via remote working are very valuable and can spearhead your entry into a new career path. There may be a career in a trusted digital marketing agency waiting for you, why not take the chance?

  • You Can Gain From Connecting With Other People

The good thing about platforms such as LinkedIn is that it provides more avenues for job hunters to get work. Uploading their resumes is not just the only way to get jobs — connecting with other people within their field of interest and similar organizations will also do the trick, even more effectively than the former.

You may casually dismiss the idea of connecting with what is referred to as “weak ties” — people who are friends of your friends, colleagues of the people you used to work with, and your old college friends, as well as members of the college alumni. But surprisingly, a lot of people are finding work through these people, not just with direct or primary connections. You can be more proactive by asking these people if they have something for you. You may be pleasantly surprised that they may have just what you’re looking for or at least make the vital referral on your behalf.

  • You Can Become a Flexible Applicant


Even during the pandemic, companies are still hiring and doing interviews. The situation has created a need for more people in certain companies or sectors and this is a chance for you to become more flexible in terms of opportunities. Jobs are in demand for industries like essential services, healthcare, technology, and digital marketing. You may have something in your current background that will gain you entry to these industries and thus can create a whole new career path for you.

  • Working From Home is For You

With most offices forced to leave their offices and work from home, employees are finding out if remote working is beneficial for them. Now some jobs will require their employees to come back to the office when the dust has at least reasonably settled, but if you find yourself not liking the prospect, then maybe a career change is something to consider. Maybe it’s time to consider jobs that operate virtually so you can continue working from the comforts of your own home.

  • You Want to Do What Makes You Happy

There’s nothing like a pandemic to make you think about your priorities in life. Maybe you’ve been feeling stuck for years now and staying at your present job because you have bills to pay and you value tenure. But if you realize that you want to try something new and that changing careers is worth the risk, this may be the right time for you to make that life-changing transition.

It’s definitely a scary prospect — changing jobs or careers during a time when lots of people couldn’t find work is a very risky move indeed. But even during these trying times, there are still opportunities for savvy job hunters. Not only will they get jobs that will put food on the table; it will also ensure a more stable career that can endure the effects of the pandemic in the workforce.

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