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Work Safe, Work from Home: Setting up a Dependable Home Office

Months after the coronavirus pandemic first hit the UK, businesses are starting to operate again. Different types of workplaces, such as restaurants, offices and factories, are operating under government advice on the ideal ways to keep people safe. But while some employees are starting to come into work already, some employees are still advised to report to work from their respective homes.

If you’re expected to work from home for a prolonged period, now is the best time to reorganize your home office and make sure it can handle your work demands for longer. Here are some ways you can ensure that you remain productive even when you’re at home.

Upgrade Your Work Computers and Devices

One downside of remote work is not having access to the high-powered computers at your office. And since this work-from-home setup is expected to last longer because of the pandemic, it’s wise to invest in devices that help you work better. For example, you might consider upgrading to a Next Unit of Computing (NUC) PC in lieu of your old desktop PC. Alternatively, you might want to request a new work laptop from your employer.

Speaking of work computers, make sure you have a stable internet connection. The work-from-home setup means more virtual meetings and conference calls, and you want to make sure that faulty Wi-Fi won’t disrupt your online work activities.

Invest in Good Lighting and Furniture

Having a fast PC and speedy internet connection is one thing. Your productivity might still suffer if your work environment isn’t optimal. Make some improvements to these factors that are ultimately linked to your work mindset:

1. Writing surface

Your desk or work surface sets the tone for your home office. Make sure you have enough space for your PC, paper documents and other essential work items that need to be on your desk.

2. Office chair

You’ll be more productive sitting on an ergonomic office chair that provides proper back and arm support. It helps your work more comfortably and efficiently than any old kitchen stool.

3. Lighting

Home office lighting is just as important as your work furniture. Install bright lighting over and behind your desk. This reduces eye strain as well as the flare on your computer screen.

Remove All Possible Distractions

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Some people have an extra room that serves as a home office. The room might also serve as a storage space for unused belongings or your seasonal wardrobe. These items might serve as distractions.

Some people set up one corner of their studio flat as their work station. In this case, it might be tempting to crawl into bed in the middle of the workday or to turn on the television when their favorite show is on.

Whether you have a separate room for your home office or if it only takes up one small space in your flat, make sure the setup doesn’t expose you to distractions.

Before anything else, declutter your desk. The cleanness of your surroundings will help you stay focused on your tasks. Also, position your desk by the window or a wall. Make sure you’re facing away from the rest of the room or your bed, if you live in a studio.

Follow these tips and you can easily work from home until the UK’s officially clear of the pandemic.

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