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Be Resourceful: 7 Business Ideas That You Can Establish This Pandemic

Entrepreneurs, especially in the business sector, have learned a lot from the recent coronavirus pandemic. This virus has caused many people to need to work remotely and refrain from socializing with others out of fear of infection. However, these same entrepreneurs can provide better services to their customers by meeting new demands, such as providing space for remote workers or hiring those who would not be successful working outside a traditional office environment.

If the pandemic is still going, it’s essential to be innovative and resilient to stay afloat. Fortunately for you, we’ve got just what you need. The following are some ideas that can help your business survive a crisis or emerge from one with more success than before.

Child Care Franchise

Child care franchises are a revolution in child development. With the world falling into chaos, it is challenging for working parents to manage their children’s education and well-being at home without enough time or resources available.  Opening a franchise for child care or daycare services can help you maintain your family values while contributing meaningfully to society in these challenging times of pandemic stress and strain on families everywhere.

Child care franchises had always played a critical role in our society, even before the pandemic struck. Now, these mission-driven businesses are stepping up to help parents who are struggling to create enough hours in the day to support their child’s mental and emotional development while still providing financially.

Delivery Service

food delivery service

In the aftermath of a pandemic, many people are frightened to leave their houses or heed the advice of local government officials and stay home. This is most problematic for seniors and infirm individuals who need help with daily tasks like grocery shopping. There has been an inevitable increase in the demand for delivery services during this time — especially among these vulnerable populations as they seek ways to ensure security and safety on such challenging days.

Many people are opting out of full-time jobs because they can’t afford to take a week off. The pandemic has created many opportunities for entrepreneurs and freelancers who want part-time gigs or more flexible hours in the delivery service industry.

Remote Fitness

The fitness industry has seen a sharp drop in profits as a result of the global lockdown. The sector is making adjustments to account for this new reality. Many are turning their attention toward those who can’t go out due to work or other obligations by providing remote exercise services. If you’re looking for ways to help others, then offering popular on-demand virtual courses may do the trick.

The COVID-19 outbreak has compelled individuals to live a healthy lifestyle and strengthen their immunity. Given that exercise will play a crucial part in boosting their immune system, there is an excellent opportunity for you! However, be careful about picking the appropriate niche depending on where you are located or what type of experience you have.


online business

Many retailers have adopted e-commerce as a means to their success. This has saved them from going under and led to growth in profits and opportunities for business owners who can now open businesses both online or offline.

Graphic Design Business

With the world becoming increasingly digitalized, businesses need to update and continuously maintain their online presence. This includes providing fresh graphics on social networks like Facebook or Twitter feeds — whether it be a business logo, marketing materials, or event graphics.

A company can’t go wrong with seeking out talented designers who specialize in this area of work if they want to provide customers with quality design when needed at an affordable price.

Online Teaching

This profession has been around for more than three decades but became widely available in 2020 thanks to an expanding global pandemic of people who want their education delivered online. This year alone, demand has grown and will continue as time goes on. To be successful at this new venture, it takes diligence: understanding your subject matter thoroughly so that you can deliver lectures confidently — not just tell someone else’s story like they’re yours.

Online Seller

In the competitive world of online shopping, would-be entrepreneurs are looking for new and creative ways to set themselves apart. For those with a keen sense of fashion, an appreciation for clothes from decades past, or determination to do something different in their careers as they approach retirement age, establishing your own retail business can be both lucrative and fulfilling. You may start by selling on eBay or Etsy. If you have what it takes (and some money), soon enough, people will come calling asking how they, too, can get involved.


The COVID-19 outbreak was a catastrophe for individuals, affecting their lives and livelihoods. However, adversity creates opportunity; this is your chance to change life as we know it. The ideas presented above can help you grow into your new venture no matter what happens in our changing world.

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