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E-Commerce 101: Trends Business You Should Look Out For

Many businesses shifted to online selling to connect with the customers when the pandemic started around a year ago. The situation was ideal for businesses that had an online presence even before the spread of the virus. But the situation is different for businesses that only set up their websites after the pandemic reach the United States.

While these businesses are at a disadvantage, they can look forward to a more level playing field with the new trends in e-commerce they can use to increase their visibility online. These trends are as follows:

Enhancing Online Shopping Through AR

Even though augmented reality (AR) traces its roots to the stereoscope in 1938, it only became popular recently. Many industries are currently using this technology, including education and real estate. And the retail sector is set to use it soon.

The technology gives shoppers the chance to see items they buying from the comfort of their homes. It allows them to have a closer look at items, particularly home décor and fashion items, without going to the store.

Industry watchers expect the wider use of the technology, especially during the pandemic since it allows people to check the items while staying safe in their homes. The widespread use of AR is also expected as 5G technology rolls out in different parts of the world.

Analyzing Shopper Behavior Through AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) will also see increase usage in the future. It will collect data about the shopping behavior of a store’s customers. It will use the information to create a personalized experience for shoppers when they return to the online store.

The process of creating personalized experiences is challenging, but machine learning will facilitate it. It is also a process that isn’t possible to replicate in a physical store. So, it’s likely to focus on online shoppers rather than in-store shoppers.

Facilitating Personal Experiences with Big Data

Consumers are already aware that online shops collect personal data. While some have aired their security concerns, well-established stores have taken the necessary steps to protect them. The data these stores collect allow the stores to offer items that the customers are interested in.

In the future, the information will likely make its way to the Internet of Things, which can be viewed as a two-pronged sword. It makes life easier for consumers since they will have the things they need at home at their fingertips. This is especially true if the consumer has a smart home.

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Promoting the Business Through Videos

Businesses should consider videos in promoting its business since it gives customers an idea about the company. For instance, the business releases a video showing its focus on health and safety in preparing products they’re offering in the market.

The store can also use video to show how they’re using state-of-the-art equipment including a couple of automatic liquid filling equipment or machines, to transfer liquid or gel products the store is offering into consumer size containers the shoppers are looking for. These videos can pique the interest of consumers who will appreciate what the store is doing to ensure their safety.

Increasing Use of Voice Search

Consumers may increase their reliance on voice assistants in the future to complete the tasks they’re doing every day. The use of voice searches will increase in the future along with the sale of smart speakers. The presence of a smart speaker at home will allow households to shop online.

Consumers will search for the items, order them, and have them delivered to the house all without touching a single key on the keyboard. Voice searches also present a unique opportunity for stores as they can use the keywords the consumer uses to increase the ranking of their website on search engines. This is similar to the current practices in search engine optimization (SEO) but is applied to the use of voice searches.

Additional Payment Gateways

There are already a lot of payment gateways available to consumers who want to shop online. But some consumers may want a more personal way of paying for their purchases. And if they don’t get what they want, they may end up abandoning the cart or cancel the sale before they complete it.

With this, more payment methods and payment gateways will likely emerge in the future. These gateways make it easier for consumers to pay for their purchases. Due to this, businesses should always check for the latest payment gateways available for their customers. Signing up for these payment gateways increases the chances of an online store closing a sale.

Online shopping among consumers has increased when the pandemic started. Due to this, businesses have also shifted to online selling. Since technology is always changing, businesses should stay on top of technology trends so they’ll remain connected with their target market online.

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