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Buying the Right Commercial Ozone Generator

Ozone generators find multiple applications in residential and commercial premises. These units, however, vary in their specifications: prices, features, and technology. The specifications of a generator determine its functionality and quality. With different ozone generators on the market, what do you consider when buying a commercial ozone generator in the UK?

Satisfaction Guarantee

You want to be sure that the manufacturer believes in their product and the things the product should offer you. The two things that you can use to determine the level of trust a manufacturer has in a product is the money-back policy and the warranty. Money-back guarantee means that the manufacturer will refund your money if the product does not meet specific requirements. On the other hand, a warranty guarantee implies that the manufacturer meets the repair and maintenance costs if the product fails in performance.


An ozone generator is no different than other equipment that requires regular maintenance for proper functioning and longer service life. The maintenance practices include cleaning the source and replacing fuses. These are easy tasks that any individual should handle. The other maintenance tasks that require the involvement of a technician should be doable in your premises.

Unit Housing

If you want your generator to function well all the time, you will have to consider getting a housing unit. You can even purchase the generator and the housing as a unit. The units are mostly steel cabinets that separate the generator from the surrounding elements. When getting the unit housing, look for one with a compact design and durable structure.

Distribution of Gas

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The generator has a fan that moves gas from the cabinet to the room. Some generators have big and powerful fans, but that does not mean that they are the best. Big fans cause a reduction in the life of the plate due to the high temperatures. The fan should, however, push ozone gas in linear motion. Since air is less dense than ozone gas, these fans should be in an elevated position.

Ozone Output

It is essential that you understand the amount of ozone the generator unit will be delivering. Usually, the rating of this amount is in milligrams per hour. Manufacturers ought to indicate the ozone output on the equipment for the buyers to see. When the ozone output is high, the shock treatment of the generator is equally high and therefore requires minimal time for treatment.

Generation Method

The quality of a generator is dependent on the technology it uses to generate ozone. To address any issue with the generator, a generator should achieve shock treatment ozone levels. Therefore, a generator should use the corona discharge method. This generation method results in the production of high ozone levels.

In the end, you want to be sure that you are getting value for your money. Checking out the specifications of a commercial ozone generator in the UK against your requirements is the surest way to ensure you are getting the right product. The manufacturer of the product also determines the genuineness of the company. Therefore, be sure to source the generator form a reputable supplier.

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