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Social Media Bias Against Conservatives Is Real

Just this week, Twitter banned the account of the pro-life movie Unplanned. Conservative users were up-in-arms and demanded an explanation from Twitter head Jack Dorsey. The Unplanned account has since been reinstated, but some Twitter users have found that they were prevented for following the account. This bias against Conservatives is not limited to Twitter — as sites like Facebook, Google, and YouTube have shown a clear bias against them.

Censorship and Deplatforming

The myth of unbiased social media platforms has crumbled. The censorship of Conservative speakers and ideas on campus — brought about by Leftist threats of violence — has leaked to the online world. Social media platforms are policing content, banning or suspending conservative users for the slightest perceived infraction, while allowing Leftists to spew hate and calls for doxxing and violence freely. Alex Jones of Infowars was deplatformed by every notable social media platform, and he was only the beginning. Once these big tech giants knew that they could get away with it, they went about and created rules that gave them the excuse to systematically deplatform anyone who didn’t share their ideas. Every conservative individual, group, or company cannot rely on the sanctity of their content on social media. There is nothing that can stop social media sites from banning you and deleting your content. Unless you have your content archived — in a private server or through the cloud — that content is gone forever.

Clear Bias


In YouTube, conservative voices are regularly demonetized, suspended, or banned. Explaining the science of why men are different from women is considered akin to hate speech and is banned or demonetized. In Twitter, a feminist was permanently banned for insisting that men are not women. Of the 22 newsworthy Twitter bans of political posters, 21 were Conservatives and only one was Liberal — and the Liberal one was quickly reinstated. Facebook personnel have admitted that most of the company’s 25,000 employees are Left-leaning and intolerant of conservative views. This intolerance sometimes seeps into Facebook’s pages through shadow-bans, a system that demotes posts, limiting their opinions by as much as 80 percent. Progressives and Leftists get a free pass. They can call for the doxxing of children — and sometimes outright violence — and get away with a warning. A misconstrued tweet or post that offends someone can land you a suspension if you are a Conservative, but Liberals are free to make racist comments against white men and Jewish people.

Fighting Back

The Left’s outrage mobs, veiled and outright threats of violence have strong-armed campuses, advertisers, and social media sites. Unless Conservatives rally to the same extent that Leftists do, social media sites will not be inclined to change their ways. The Twitter backlash on the banning of Unplanned is a good start, and social media sites should always be called out for their biased behavior.

Yes, social media is biased. You will be demonetized, suspended, or banned if you espouse conservative ideas. However, now is not the time to cower; now is the time to push back.

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