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Critical Pointers in Influencer Marketing You Should Note

According to a 2019 study, 80 percent of marketers found influencer marketing effective, while 89 percent said that the return of investment (ROI) from influencer marketing can be compared with or even be better than other marketing channels. This trend continues in 2021, especially when consumers spend more time on the internet than on other channels and forms of media. If you’re looking to work with influencers this year to help boost your brand, here are some essential tips and pointers you need to know.

Do your research on the creator or influencer

If your brand thrives on goodwill, being unproblematic, and having a clean reputation, then the last thing you want is an influencer or online celebrity that does not exhibit any of these things. While nobody’s perfect, and you might be hard-pressed to find an influencer who has not said anything offensive in their lives, there is still a bare minimum we should watch out for. Before you reach out to an influencer to work with them or to give them a sponsorship, check for the following:

  • Make sure they have never said or posted any form of content that was offensive to any sector of society.
  • If the influencer has a history of making these mistakes, make sure they are someone who provided a good apology and that they’ve proven they’re truly sorry based on their subsequent pattern of behavior. That means they stopped doing it.
  • Check to see if the public is on their side and still sees them as trustworthy and reliable.

Whoever you choose will be an extension of your brand and reflect your company’s values and priorities, so make sure to go for someone above reproach and who the public can identify with.

Lay out your goals for the campaign

Influencers and their agents love it when brands are clear about the goals of the campaign. To ensure that your business relationship will run smoothly and productively, be clear and specific about what you hope to achieve with this partnership. It can be brand awareness, heightened engagement, or product sales, but whatever it is, giving them a quantifiable goal will help them help you achieve it.

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Make it a mutually beneficial relationship

More than just the amount you’re paying them, make them see why partnering with your brand will be beneficial for them as well. Whether it’s helping them partner with a good organization or providing them with an artist rider, it will incentivize them to choose your brand over your competitors, especially if you want to work with an in-demand influencer. One example of a perk or benefit you can give them is security guard services, especially if you’re holding a big event for them soon. It will help make them feel like your brand cares about their well-being and safety, not just what they can bring to the table in terms of business.

Be clear about the terms and budget

If your business is running low on budget for marketing and advertising, then you might have to settle for smaller influencers for now. You might want to work with a local influencer who lives in the area you’re primarily targeting. Be clear with them about your terms and budget so that you don’t run into problems later on. As in any business relationship, ensure that everything is in writing to avoid disputes later on.

Make your pitch the right way

Here are some tips for ensuring you don’t get off on the wrong foot when trying to reach out to an influencer and their agent, especially if you’re trying to reach them through social media platforms:

  • Be polite.
  • Use proper grammar and spelling.
  • Make sure your message is direct to the point yet personal and friendly.
  • Be clear about why you think they’re the best fit for your campaign.
  • Be specific with your message. A lot can be lost in translation through the written word, so it’s better to ensure that all the pertinent information they need is already in your first message.
  • Be flexible. You may already have a clear idea and business plan in mind, but you never know if the influencer can suggest something that will help you reach your goals even more.

Always hold up your end of the bargain. Word of mouth and a good reputation are the bread and butter of any business, and the last thing you want is to have a popular internet personality blasting you on the internet. Have your lawyer on standby to ensure that the influencer you chose is ending up their end of the bargain, too. Good luck!

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