Information Protection for Running Your Business Remotely

“The new normal” is a phrase that has been going around currently following the recent turn of events. When it comes to businesses such as yours, it means letting employees work from home. It also means that you’re going to rely on your connection through the internet. Having the technology to share information instantly is quite the lifesaver, but you should also consider the dangers it poses to your data. Taking the following measures can help increase your company’s level of security, even as your employees work remotely.

Backup Your Information

Now that everyone is going to work in their own homes, there is a higher chance of your company’s data becoming endangered. Some of it could leak out, and some could be mistakenly deleted or corrupted. Typically, you would be backing it up onto your company’s local system, but some changes need to be made. If, for example, you use Microsoft Office 365, then it’s best to turn to a third-party O365 Backup. You and your employees will have somewhere to retrieve data from in case you lose it.

Separate Home and Work

If you came from a formal office setting, which is likely the case, let your employees take home company-owned computers instead of making them use their own. That is because when they use their own devices, there’s the risk that your company’s data will be mixed in with theirs. There’s also the risk that other people in their household will be able to access your information and tamper with it. If you’re worried about the size, then have them bring home laptops instead.

Secure the Computer and Network


Not everyone who works under you will have access to a secure network. And if they have to use their own computers, some of them may not have protection. Including antivirus and anti-malware programs on your employees’ computers, regardless of ownership, can help minimize corruption and theft of data. Providing VPN subscriptions will also contribute to your information security. There is no excuse for doing otherwise, as there are a good number of providers available. Spending on these can amount to a lot less than the potential loss that you’ll have when you leave your data unsecured.

Orient Regarding Best Practices

Even when you have the best security programs and services in place, it won’t matter when your people don’t engage in best practices. It’s still possible for you to lose your company’s data because of mistakes made by your employees’ carelessness. If you have the time to spare, it would be best to orient everyone regarding safety and security on the internet. It won’t just be useful for work, but it will also be practical knowledge for everyday life online.

There are some risks to letting your business continue its operations even when you can’t gather in one place physically. However, if you make sure that your data is safe and secure, you and your employees will be able to maintain your livelihood even in the middle of the crisis. It would still be better than losing people permanently.

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