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Get the Notice You Deserve: How to Get that Promotion

When it feels like you are at a career dead end, one reason can be that management doesn’t know that you exist. Being noticed by your boss in a good way can quickly lead to a promotion. You get that notice by going outside your comfort zone and putting in some extra effort with the following opportunities at work.

Suggest Solutions

Businesses face problems every day, and they need solutions quickly. Being one of those who come up with the right answers can immediately catch the attention of your boss. For example, if your company needs a website overhaul, recommending some excellent web design services can increase your profile.

Don’t just spout suggestions without something to support it. Provide solid reasons why your proposed solution is the best choice. In the earlier example of needing a website redesign, besides suggesting potential designers, you should also show them examples of the web designers’ work so that your boss can immediately decide.

Accept Assignments

Sometimes attention turns your way when you least expect it. When your boss approaches you for a particular assignment or project, it is always a good idea to say yes. A refusal will only bring negative attention to you. Think of your new responsibilities as an opportunity and not a burden. If you do well, this proves to your boss that you can handle the job and should be given responsibilities.

Speak Up at Meetings

Like any company, your business should have meetings that discuss what is going on in the company. Most people keep quiet and let others do the talking. This is the wrong approach, and you should contribute several times during the meeting. Many meetings usually have their talking points released in a memo or e-mail.

Take the time to go over the issues that the meeting will go over and make some notes on how you can contribute. For example, if the meeting is about productivity issues, then you should look into what is causing these problems and how to solve them. Being silent at a meeting only makes you a faceless employee while voicing out attaches a face to your name on the payroll.

Fix Things

If you see something broken, whether it is a process or office equipment, you should take the initiative to fix it. Many companies run on inertia, and once they implement or use something, they will keep using it despite all the problems associated with it. Taking the time to fix something can work in your favor since if you do fix it, you contribute to the company’s operations.

Be the Expert

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In business, people like expertise and knowledge. If you can provide people the information they need or have useful skills, then you should be willing to share your expertise with the company at large. This can give the reputation of being the person to approach particular issues or questions, which can quickly turn into recognition by your boss.

Developing a solid reputation at work is not easy. You’ll have to take risks and be willing to do extra work if you want that promotion. As long as your boss is a good one, you can be sure that all your work will be rewarded.

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