Prime Your Business for Success with the Right Choice of Industrial-Grade Heating Device

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A fire is a terrifying thing that can traumatize many families and individuals. Sometimes, when it occurs in a household or a workplace, the chances of getting out unscathed are close to none. It’s always best to take measures to prevent fires, and for the most part, people do. However, it’s alarming that many fires happen in the US, and there are many causes behind it. It could be because of negligence, such as forgeting to turn off a stove, or it could be due to more sinister reasons such as arson.  But it’s worthy of note that heating equipment is a leading cause of fires in America.

Experts at Gordo Sales, Inc. share that industrial devices such as cartridge heaters have widespread applications, including food production, plastic welding, semiconductors, rubber molding, 3D printers, packaging, and medical devices, among others. If used or installed incorrectly, these machines can cause unwanted fires that damage property. Proper use and installation of heating equipment can prevent losses in property damage. It may seem trivial, but it actually goes a long way. With that in mind, here is some information you may want to familiarize yourself with:

When do you need heating cartridges?

A Joule heating element designed for heavy-duty industrial applications is known as the cartridge heater. Each unit has a specific watt density intended for a particular use. Various diameters are available for a snug fit. The device is a type of component heater designed to fit inside a cavity. There are sensors for temperature control to ensure accuracy. The device is essential for heating metal parts up to 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit, or 760 degrees Celsius. For liquid heating, another tool can be attached to the device.

Heating cartridges versus tubular heaters

You can benefit by familiarizing yourself with the difference between heating cartridges and tubular heaters. While the former fit into standard blind holes, the latter can accommodate the intricacies of structures such as metal ovens and chambers of various sizes and forms. Tubular heaters may take the form of various geometric specifications. They can be clamped onto metal objects. Another application of tubular heaters is liquid and air immersion. Between the two heating devices, there are differences in electrical connections as well. Nevertheless, both devices consist of a Nichrome heating element. The simpler fabrication of heating cartridges allows for heating applications for tubes up to a diameter of 1.8 inches.

Made to your specifications

Maintenance fire prevention

Ready-made devices are available in stock. You may also specify your needs, and certain manufacturers can fabricate custom devices. Determine diameters, voltages, and connections so that the requirements of your business are fulfilled.

Make sure that all of your workers observe safety measures in using heating applications because these devices produce considerably high temperatures. Ensure safety in the workplace, and prime your business for success by selecting the right industrial-grade heating device. By prioritizing safety in performing quality assurance to maintain it in your workplace, you can help prevent fires and lower that statistic in America.

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