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Ramp Up Your WordPress Site’s Performance with These Hacks

WordPress is the go-to platform of many users who want to build a website and reach their target audience. It provides them with plenty of advantages such as useful plug-ins that boost traffic and ranking. However, it is imperfect and comes with its own set of problems. Sometimes the site loading time is slow or it crashes too often.

Experts in WordPress management cite the following ways to boost the performance of your website on this platform.

Find Excessive Scripts

Query Monitor allows you to review different aspects of your site, one of the sections to look into is the scripts function. The themes and plug-ins you use have their own scripts. The number of scripts your site contains has a negative impact on its performance. Some of them are useful but not all. Identify these and promptly remove them. Some of these come in the form of CSS stylesheets. Determine which ones are unnecessary and get rid of them as well.

Update Tools and Plug-Ins

You may already be using tools and plug-ins that improve site performance; however, these require updates to maintain the level you want. WordPress regularly sends notifications for updating a tool or plug-in. These are necessary because they come with better security and possibly new features. These keep your website performing at a high level and maybe even improve site load speed.

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Optimize All Images

The size of an image has an effect on your site’s load speed and performance. It is important to compress a picture first before you upload it. Photoshop allows you to save a photo with its ‘Save for Web’ function. WordPress also has a similar plug-in called WP Smush IT. Use the appropriate image format this can be PNG, GIF, JPG, or JPEG.

PNG provides the best quality but also uses up the most space, while JPG is an option if you’re looking for an in-between format.  The browser cache is handy when it comes to reducing load times because it keeps image files and scripts longer.

Content Delivery Networks (CDN) is Your Friend

Your website has traffic coming from different countries. This affects each one’s experience because they are far from your site’s hosting source. Content Delivery Networks or CDN maintain the load time of a site regardless of location. It has a copy of a site in various datacenters. It serves a page from the nearest data center, which allows your site to load a decent speed.

Choose a Simple but Elegant Theme

Site load speed is a factor that affects user experience and rankings. To reduce your problems, choose a theme that is simple and elegant. WordPress has plenty of free and paid themes to choose from. A simple one that doesn’t rely on images and videos improves load speed and positively affects user experience.

WordPress is a useful website platform that offers a lot of benefits. As long as you understand its flaws and ways to work around them, your users will have a good experience and you’ll have a profitable site. The techniques mentioned above allow you to boost your site’s performance in WordPress.

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