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Senior-friendly Businesses You Can Take Advantage of During the Covid-19 Crisis

Many businesses lost profit because of the pandemic. Now, the tables have turned and companies that used to struggle before are now booming. Certain industries are also seeing growth especially those that provide services to elderly adults.

According to the CDC, elderly adults are among the most vulnerable group during the crisis. This is why many families chose to bring their loved ones who are elderly adults home from retirement communities and nursing homes. On the other hand, seniors who were still planning to enter senior homes decided to postpone their admission due to the growing number of cases and deaths in the said facilities.

With more seniors sheltering in place, entrepreneurs found this as a great opportunity to bring their services closer to them. Thanks to the pandemic, senior-friendly businesses are thriving. If you are looking for a business venture you can leverage during the crisis, why not consider the following?

Senior Non-medical Home Care

You don’t necessarily need to have a medical license just to offer senior care services. You can always consider a non-medical in-home care franchise opportunity. This is one type of senior-friendly business that enables you to assist seniors aging in place with non-medical home care. ;

Seniors sometimes need help in performing activities of daily living. This includes personal hygiene, dressing up, feeding, drinking medications, driving, and running some errands. The services offered cover the non-medical aspect of senior care.

Instead of starting senior home care from scratch, you can opt to buy a franchise instead. With an effective business model already in place, you can access the industry with far greater success. Your franchiser can support your growth, assist you with any issues or questions you may have, and even require adequate training to boost your success.

Home Services

Most seniors have big houses that require timely maintenance or even repairs. Those who chose to age in place are moving to a smaller house. To sell their homes for a better price or to make their new home senior-friendlier, they will require a bit of help fixing the house.

But then, most seniors no longer have the energy to handle home maintenance and repairs. Their loved ones may not be able to help them with home upkeep. Seniors and their loved ones maybe wary of hiring someone they don’t know to handle the cleaning, maintenance, and repairs of their homes.

This is where home services meant for seniors come into play. If you already have a business offering home services, you can start targeting seniors and enticing their loved ones to trust your services. The more seniors you can turn into clients, the more your business will thrive.

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Daily Money Management Services

Some seniors can no longer fulfill money management tasks on a day-to-day basis. Some don’t have love ones to help them effectively manage their expenses. Many have been managing their own taxes but now require help to accomplish such tasks.

If you have excellent money-management skills, you can consider offering your services to seniors. Certification is optional but you still need to pass the exam. After acquiring the legal requirements, you can now start your money management firm and start including seniors as your target clients.

As a money management manager, you can use your skills to help seniors and even their adult kids manage their finances. You can track their engagements and appointments and make sure their bills are taken care of.

These are but three timely services that enable you to help seniors live a more comfortable life during the pandemic. This will not only help you start a thriving business. It also gives you that satisfaction knowing you were able to start a business with a purpose during these trying times.

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